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Dystopia Rising 1.0 - Tabletop game line and fiction novels

The Dystopia Rising 1.0 tabletop line consists of 10 books. One corebook, which serves as both a GM and Player guide, and 9 supplement books. Each supplement focuses on 1-2 regions of the United States, an in-character religion and 2-3 strains of humanity. These books serve as canon material both for the table-top and the larp network.

The Dead Heroes fiction trilogy tells the story of three female protagonists on a journey from Old York to DC on a mission.

Many generations have passed since the Fall of civilization. So much has been lost that no one can really say exactly how it came to pass, but the world’s scars tell some of the story plainly enough. A terrible infection raged out of control - a fast-mutating disease capable of raising the dead and turning their insatiable hunger against the living.

Nuclear weapons turned some cities to ashes while conventional weapons turned whole nations into battlegrounds.

The world drowned in blood and fire as the living fought desperate battles, first against the dead, then later against each other as precious resources dwindled. In a flash, the time of culture and plenty was over, and the true test of survival began. This is the story of Tribeca Verrazano Rockaway, a proud name of survivors of Old York.

This is the her legend, a story that every sewer rat and iron climber in Old York know. Some of the legends say that she was a ruthless killer, but the legends should also say that she only ever did what she had to do.


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