Dystopia Rising



The living experience is what Dystopia Rising is best known for. The Dystopia Rising Larp Network is a franchise network that spans across the United States with local businesses running the Dystopia Rising franchise for their local community. In addition to the larp network, you can dive into the paranoid and conspiracy laden world of The Rock Salt Conspiracy which predates the Dystopia Rising core universe, or join in one of our freeform or blockbuster single events. 

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Dystopia Rising is a live-action event network, held in over a dozen locations each on a monthly basis. Based in the US events are held at campgrounds with cabins, facilities and a neighborhood of amazing communities and their members. Over a weekend, attendants take on fictional personas and immerse themselves in a post-apocalyptic world. Overrun by the undead and mutated creatures, characters portrayed fight for survival, civilization and the future of a humanity that has been ravaged by the destruction of the world once known. 

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Before the extinction of humanity and the rise of the Strains in the Dystopian world was a period of over a hundred years where humanity was controlled, then culled, and then fought for survival. The precursor story to Dystopia Rising is known as The Rock Salt Conspiracy, and is a game world in three parts that focuses on the conspiracy theory thick modern day, goes into the end of times, and finally rests in the first years past the fall of civilized society. The Rocksalt Conspiracy is a world where you play as the "Typhoid Marys" who are both the enemy, and the future, of life on this planet. 

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In the world of Dystopia Rising, death is not the end. When a character dies there is a shared psychological experience that exists once the ego and the id begin to fade away. The collective subconscious known as the Mortis Amaranthine is a nightmare environment where the insecurities, nightmares, and malady of the mind take physical form in a nightmare scape that those who die only get a glimpse of. For others, once the infection has spread until the mind is lost, the sunless garden of the Mortis Amaranthine is their home for as long as they can keep their definition of self intact.