Dystopia Rising

Dropbox Update Log


1: “Indefinite Suspension” renamed to “Conditional Suspension”. Conflict Resolution Manual and Corrective Actions sheet updated to reflect change.

New/Final Items:
1: Employee - level files: 3.0 time-jump design doc, 3.0 Blueprint List, DRLLC Communications Guidelines added

2: Marshal - level files: 3.0 Folder: Antagonists, CAPs program

3: Printable - level files: 3.0 Skill Purchase List, 3.0 Randomization Charts, 3.0 Scrap + Herb Database, 3.0 Blueprints, 2.0 -> 3.0 Trade-In Chart

4: Owner - level files: Online Player Interaction PDF, DRLLC Communications Guidelines added


Link made available on Slack owner_operator channel for pre-release 3.0. Link is via DriveThruRPG, each file is tagged with the downloaders account info. This file falls 100% under NDA. Any early release or sharing will be addressed as a contract violation.


Existing Franchise webpage:
This page now houses links for the Dropbox links and employee tests alongside the already existing links. 
Starting now, the password for it will be updated each month, alongside Dropbox. Note: the password for this page and the links contained on this page will always be the same. IE: the password for the owners store link is the same as the page itself. 

Folder Adds/Changes:
1: On the same page as the Dropbox links (above) will be a link to a running list of updates/changes each month. Passwords will not be listed here. 

2: New file: Employee Folder: “Play Space for DR Evolved”
New File: Player Folder: “Character Sheet Back Blank”
New File: Player Folder: “Photography Release”