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Sign Up for the Downtown Market This Downfall

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Hello, Survivors!

If you're going to Dystopia Rising Downfall 2017 and are planning on having an in-game stall, then have we got some news for you!

If you haven't already looked at it, Cooper's Lake Campground is big--REAL BIG. More specifically, it's about a 23-minute walk between the caravan runs and the character camping area.

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So in the interest of making a space where players from all chapters can gather together as their characters (and so you don't have to walk several miles to the post office after crafting things for your stall, or to purchase one thing or another), we'll be creating a Downtown Market area with several 10 x 10 areas blocked off for your use! This one-stop-shopping area will also have NPC vendors and other opportunities.

If you're interested in being part of a market that is the one stop shop for all things cool (and where a LOT of players will be hanging out to purchase items), then email DownfallDR@gmail.com that you need a 10x10 spot, and what type of things you'll be selling! We'll block off a space for your personal use.

See you soon!

Catherine Griffin