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Dystopia Rising 3.0 Release

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Hello all!

When Dystopia Rising was created just over 10 years ago, it was a seen by many as a new age in larping, with a lighter rule set than the at-the-time standard and a fully fleshed out Community Handbook that focused on inclusive play and equal treatment. In the last decade, we have continued to evolve, learning new techniques, ideas and understandings. With that, we believe it is important that a game be allowed to evolve in the same way. We are very excited to announce our intent and general timeline for a 3.0 release of the Dystopia Rising LARP rule set in 2019.

Why are we announcing this so early? To not only give full transparency to our players but also include our community in the future of the Dystopia Rising LARP networks game line.

From now until February 2018 we are asking you, the players, to give itemized suggestions for improvements you would like to see in the Dystopia Rising LARP rules to your Directors via email or contact form. In March 2018March 2018, your Directors will compile the feedback into the most common threads and provide them to the Dystopia Rising LLC team.

Contact for your local Directors can be found here or on their individual websites:

From there, the LARP book will be reworked until Summer 2019. From early spring until the end of summer of 2019 the documentation will be available as PDF for the community to review and give additional feedback and commentary on. This document will become our active rules document on November 1, 2019. The new books will be available in hardcopy around the end of 2019.

Some items that are being reviewed for the 3.0 release.

• Division of the one core book into three smaller books. This will allow us to have community documentation and coordination content in one, mechanical rules in one, and genre and world material in a third. Currently the mechanical system for Dystopia Rising is the smallest portion of the content of the DR LARP book, and it is our desire to have the mechanics in a single document which easy smaller and easier to access. This will cut down on load times for PDF documents, make search functions easier, and allow easier access to rules clarification.

• Flattening of damage calls. All damage will be scaled to simpler numbers for damage counts. This removes some of the analogue of damage, but makes tracking field damage even easier.

• Replacement of “Advanced Professions” with “Advanced Concentrations”. This will allow players to progress into “Advanced Concentrations” in the same format as Standard Concentrations. This will also involve a notable mechanical redesign of Advanced Professions, however it will not thematically change the achievement that players with Advanced Professions currently have.

• Addition of Retirement Concentrations which are a third tier of concentrations that are intended to be ground shaking skill sets, but involve a required retirement date for players that choose to step into a Retirement Concentration. This retirement includes working with Directors for creating a fantastic close to a character’s story arc. Taking a Retirement Concentration will not be a requirement, but will provide more retirement XP for the build of a new character as well as closure to a characterscharacter’s story.

• Scaling health and mind point costs at the 10,20,30,40, and 50 point marks. The initial concept is that the first 10 Body or Mind will cost 1, from 11-20 will cost 2, from 21 to 30 will cost 3, from 31-40 will cost 4, and from 50 points upward will cost 5 per point. With lowering damage counts having 50 health will be a much more incredible benchmark to hit.  This includes reworking blueprint designs and PC and NPC skills that cause damage to match the new scale.

• Redundant skill removalconsolidation. Multiple skills have the same effect but with different variables. These skills would be collapsed into a single multiple use skill.

• Creation of new professions. New professions will aim to capture spaces within the DR world that can be better represented with specific skill lists and descriptors.

• Profession skillset reassignments. A rebalance on some (not all) professions to adjust for balance as well as to readjust for collapsed (and new) skills. Rebalance to allow options of professions in the categories of combat, production, social, and support design profession to have access to key focus skills such as Mind Resist or Refuse.

• Multiple background/costuming options for each Strain which are mechanically the same, but offer different costume and roleplaying focuses. One example of this is the division of Iron Slaves into Menial Iron Slaves, Servant Iron Slaves, and Freeborn Iron Slaves.

• Standardization of brew sizes into 3 sizes of brew that have a variance range for physical representations. Injectable brews would be between 3-10 ML, smaller ingestible brews would be between 150 and 300 ML and larger volume brews will be between 700 and 900 ML.

• Language style change for the rulebook that changes “technical language” to “casual language” so that letter and intent of the rule are readily available.

• Quality over quantity brew and meal reworking. Meals and brews that produce large volumes of low quality item cards will be reviewed to allow single brews that provide benefits (and are easier to provide physical representations for) are the focus.

 • “3 Year Forward” story plan come the end of 2019. This will allow players to readjust their sheets as they need to, gives ample warning about equipment changes, allows staff the ability to change story arcs, and allows players to choose to continue playing their character or retire their character with new ties.  Either playing the character 3 years older, or using this opportunity for a new story, is a fantastic option. This does not affect item card expiration dates.

Players will have three events of play after the finalization of 3.0 to do a free character rewrite if they find that their former character build no longer matches what they envision with the new rule set.  This rewrite will only be allowed to include a cost free drop of Profession(s), skill(s), Body and Mind. It will not allow for changes of Strain, Infection, Character Name or any other aspect of a character sheet.

This 3.0 release is intended to be an update that will build and expand the world outward while making the mechanics simpler for in game book-keeping, long term play, and clarity. This is being designed as a multiple year project to give the attention the Dystopia Rising LARP deserves. Dystopia Rising 2.0 was originally released to the public February 15, 2015. Our final publication of Dystopia Rising 3.0 is not intended until Summer 2019 which will mark the 10th year of the Dystopia Rising Network being a public game.

• Does not include a story-arc reset.

• Does not include the end of chapters.

• Does not include the loss of build for existing characters. Characters in the system at the time of update will be updated for new costs. Any skill removals will result in a refund of cost and sliding scale Body/Health will be adjusted to the new count based on total expenditure.

We are passionate about this new era for Dystopia Rising and are thrilled to have a community that we believe we can count on to help bring the world and it’sits players into an evolved stage of play, while keeping the core community ideals that has always carried it.

Catherine Griffin