Dystopia Rising
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Today we wanted to explain one of the themes of Downfall, and tell you about some exciting new tools your Story Telling Directors are getting this month. The first theme is: Unification, Division, or Death.

The Circle of 12 Knots is hosting the wastelands in hopes that the civilized settlements around the wastes can come to some sort of agreement regarding existing as civilized people who work together instead of working tangentially (or against each other). As a group of Rovers who travel all over the wasteland, and supported by a network of Diesel Jocks that are looking to expand the roadways, it is without a doubt in their interest to either see some sort of accord or at least to have a formalized definition of different settlements lands and terrain.

Why do we need unification now?

Because both the Raiders and the Undead are mutating faster and faster, producing more diversified threats, and for every step of civilization that has grown in the wasteland footing has been lost to the undead.

So, what are the new tools that the Story Telling Directors are getting?

Your Story Telling Directors were given a system to make unique Beasts last year, similar to how a player makes a character sheet. They have points to spend, options to purchase, and the ability to scale the threat level up or down. In addition to beasts, now your Directors also have a mechanical system to produce unique Raider Clans and Undead Threats.  As Directors use the creation systems, they will upload the new threats lore package, costuming, roleplay, and mechanics to the Directors database. This will make these new threats available for use by all of our networked games, making our database of threats continuously growing.

For all of the civilization, sim farming, and economy that the game has supported for the prior years ,this year we are focusing on giving your Storyteller Directors more means to cause havoc, to introduce more horror back into the horror survival world, and make a much more diversified field of antagonists in the wastes.

Catherine Griffin