Dystopia Rising
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Imagine a world that takes place hundreds of years after the zombie apocalypse. This is a world where radiation has seeped into the soil, and creatures have mutated into monstrosities. This is a world where humanity has not remained untouched, and where they have become something else through mutation and time. Welcome to the world of Dystopia Rising.

Dystopia Rising is an intellectual property that has been used as the subject of card games, tabletop books, live events, and more. Most known in conjunction with the Dystopia Rising larp franchise, Dystopia Rising takes a new look at the post-apocalypse.

This richly-written world focuses on survivors banding together in order to exist and thrive. Settlements, each with their unique flavor, are scattered across the wasteland of what was once the United States. Factions and groups vie for control of areas as they all attempt to combat zombies and raiders.

Humans have morphed into Strains due to how the fungal infection and the radiation has interacted with their bodies. There are the roving Diesel Jocks, the clever Baywalkers, the haughty Purebloods and more. Each has a different visual appearance, and each have their strengths and weaknesses.

If you are interested in using the Dystopia Rising intellectual property as part of your own creative endeavors, please contact us.